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A Window To The Magic: Videocast (SD)
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Status Off the Air
First Air Date October 21, 2005
Most Recent Episode September 01, 2009
Number of Episodes 100
Producer Paul Barrie

Play most recent episode:
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A Window To The Magic: Videocast (SD)

The Ultimate Disney Videocast Experience. A celebration of the magical experience of being at the Disney Theme Parks and Resorts, brought to you by the Disney Sounds Guy Paul Barrie. A WindowToTheMagic is a video journey into the wonderful world of Disney Theme Parks, and the experiences which make those parks so fantastic.

Containing everything from classic video & film clips, to in-park video and specially created video productions, this is just the fix every Disney fan needs when they can't get to the park. Do you remember the Goodyear peoplemover? Do you love the Adventure thru Inner Space? Then this is the show for you! Search WTTM, WTTM24, Window to the Magic, and WindowtotheMagic for more information.

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